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A recent Mask related incident in Los Angeles concerning students tells us how irresponsible and immature some people can be. So, this is what exactly happened. An Adult started verbally assaulting and harassing students and surrounding people wearing masks, calling it a stupid thing to do. He also commented that people are wearing masks out of fear. A passer-by stopped to check what was happening. He then started capturing all the actions that have gone viral on social media. There was no physical assault except for verbal assaults with inappropriate language. 

So what led this person to freely harass people who are genuinely abiding by the government and safety rules that are essential at these times. Several students and parents have complained that he is doing these nuisances for months now. Police officials are looking into the matter further progress is underway. 

So we are not safe anywhere ! that is the bottom line. What could have avoided this nuisance causing mental harassment to people, including students?  He dint dare to enter the school premises. Because of the security services the school has. It happened off school grounds. In this case, the person is indeed a threat. What if there were individual students instead of a group? The stress the parents might be. Security is an all-time requirement, as threats do not come planned. It is always unplanned and unpredictable. 

These outcomes are evident that security services and Vehicle patrol services for Schools are essential. Armed guards in Los Angeles are trained in handling such incidences. The Arms help us frighten miscreants and spread a threatening message that this is not the place. Security guard services Los Angeles can handle all and well. The pandemic’ has had a vast impact on the globe. Previously we were responsible for managing security and safety, but now, we are equipped and trained to handle the crowd and social distancing. Security guard services in san Diego prepare ourselves to deliver what society expects. In recent years we have been servicing numerous shopping malls, hospitals,  organizations, schools, emphasizing people to adhere to what is good for them and society.

Not wearing masks and spitting and coughing on students just like the man did in Los angles school is not less than a crime. Along with static school security, also consider hiring vehicle patrol security services for your school areas to enhance the security of students.