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Construction Site Security In California

According to estimates by the National Crime Information Bureau, every year, American business owners lose up to 1 billion dollars due to construction site crime. As more and more construction projects go up throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, we at American Frontline Guards want to equip you with the facts you need to know to keep your construction site protected. Let’s take a look at some crucial components of construction security.

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Know The Risks Of Theft

Construction site equipment theft is a growing problem across California, the United States, and the world. Construction sites with low security are a prime target for opportunistic thieves looking for a low risk way to steal expensive machinery. The National Insurance Crime Bureau recorded 10,000 cases of construction site equipment theft in 2016 alone- and that’s just the cases that got reported.

If equipment from your construction site goes missing, there is very little chance you will ever get it back. Due to different licensing and DMV record keeping laws, stolen construction site equipment is much less likely to ever be recovered than another type of motor vehicle. In fact, out of the countless pieces of construction site equipment stolen in the US every year, less than 25% are ever returned to the owner. That’s a lot of lost money for a lot of hard working construction site owners. Goods stolen from your construction site will likely never be recovered, so it’s crucial that you take construction security seriously before theft occurs.

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Know Your Vulnerabilities

To stay one step ahead of criminals and trespassers, it’s important to know the specific security needs and vulnerabilities of your construction site property. Not every construction site is made equally; some are more susceptible to security breach than others. Security sites that are dimly lit, or that have areas which are hard to record with surveillance cameras, more easily invite security breaches. It is absolutely crucial to evaluate your site for security hazards such as these, and that’s where American Frontline Guards are here to help.

As more and more business owners realize the increasing hazards of construction site theft and adjust their security accordingly, criminals adapt as well, developing new techniques to circumvent construction site security and surveillance. That’s why it’s important that construction site security companies stay one step ahead of thieves. American Frontline Guards will evaluate the territory of your construction site thoroughly, with the professional knowledge base provided by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We will determine potential security weaknesses before they become a problem, protecting your site from every angle. 

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Know You Can Trust Your Security

Business owners all over California are wondering, “How can I find a construction site security guard that I know I can trust?” Construction site security companies are popping up all over the Greater Los Angeles area, so finding a service you know you can rely on can be a tough task. But it’s important to do your research- hiring sub-par construction site security may very well leave you with more problems than solutions.

For tough, smart, California construction site security solutions that you know you can count on, turn to American Frontline Guards. Our team of experts will never cut corners, providing you with customized, cutting-edge strategies for protecting your construction site assets, 24/7.

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