Fentanyl Seize at Bakersfield – How do Transportation Security Services Help Protect The Nation?

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  • Fentanyl Seize at Bakersfield – How do Transportation Security Services Help Protect The Nation?

Where there are rule-makers, there are rule-breakers. No matter how strong the security services, criminals are wandering everywhere. In a recent traffic stop raid, California highway patrol officers found 4 kilos of fentanyl in a vehicle. The authorities further probed and discovered 24 kilos of fentanyl and $250,000 worth of fentanyl pills in the suspect’s house. The suspect is said to be around 60 years of age. The suspect is under interrogation, and the matter is under investigation. It is a punishable offense. Hence If found guilty, the culprit is punished with a jail term of more than six years at the orange county jail. 

The stock unveils its demand in the city. So, there has been transportation of such activity happening in and around. Every day several such incidents are getting reported. Are there security measures to combat all these activities? Is it adequate? 

It is no surprise that there are addicts all around the world. But what worries is why people fall prey to such toxic elements when they know there is no good for all reasons. There also has been a constant rise in deaths related to fentanyl. It is 636 in the year 2021 when compared to 36 deaths in 2016.

Transportation security plays a vital role in protecting the interest of the country. Security guard services in orange county are Trained and carry extensive experience in serving transportation security services. We take responsibility for carrying out strict scrutiny of cargo and the screening of passengers before coming into the vicinity. It is crucial to refrain people from engaging in these drug trafficking. 

Security guard company Bakersfield is well equipped with advanced security tools and skills to carry out the task efficiently. We take up security assignments by promising to perform our duty diligently. Want to know about the service offerings from the Santa Barbara security guard company? Connect us today!  7671 Winnetka Ave Winnetka, CA 91306 +1(818) 299-0339 info@afguards.com