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American Frontline Guards

We Offer The Orange
County Region Services

American Frontline Guards is a security guard firm with professionals who come to your location to protect. We offer the Orange County region services, such as our firewatch guard service. With our firewatch services, you hire a guard who watches your location to ensure it doesn’t catch flame. If a fire should begin, the guard is trained to react. You may wonder, however, how this service could benefit your establishment.

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Firewatch Guards Service

Our Firewatch Guards Are Available For Both Short & Long Term Projects

Firewatch guards stand watch at locations that are prone to fires. They’re particularly beneficial if your business’ sprinkler or fire alarm system isn’t functioning properly. Keep in mind that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) deems it necessary for you to hire a firewatch guard if you don’t have a currently functioning alarm or sprinkler system.

Our firewatch guards are available for both short and long-term projects. As long as we have the staffing, we’ll gladly accommodate if you require an emergency service. This is especially the case since we recognize that issues can arise with your sprinkler or fire alarm system at any time, leaving your investment vulnerable. We also realize that you could be threatened with a shutdown, and your business can’t afford that. We’d also like to mention we provide staffing 24 hours per day, seven days per week, so your company doesn’t ever have to be without a firewatch guard.

Firewatch Guards Service

Our Staff Is Highly Trained

Once you schedule our firewatch guard service, your staffing will arrive at your location as quickly as possible. Once there, our trained guards will carefully monitor your location and detect a fire. Our guards will keep a detailed log the entire time they’re there, and they’ll present the records to the fire marshall.

Our staff is highly trained. Therefore, you can feel relieved knowing that an expert will be at your location to protect your staff and everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Since every moment is critical when it comes to a fire, you can feel safe knowing you’ll have a professional to contact emergency services as soon as the slightest inkling of a fire is present.

At American Frontline Guards, serving Orange County, we have firewatch guards ready to serve your business. Our observant guards will monitor your location to keep you compliant with the law and ensure your safety.

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