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Healthcare security is essential. A hospital can be a dangerous place for medical providers, patients, and others. Hospital security officers play an important role in the protection of the premises and support of the team that is working hard to save lives and offer healthcare services to incoming and hospitalized patients.

What Does a Hospital Security Guard Do?

A hospital security officer provides a few important services including:

  • Protecting people, property, and information
  • Reporting to a shift supervisor or operations manager to go over any possible threats
  • Patient and staff protection. This may include becoming involved when assistance is required by the nursing staff, patients, family members of patients, or others
  • Escorting patients or medical staff to their vehicles
  • Receiving deliveries for the hospital at night
  • Remaining visible and, in some cases, greeting patients upon their arrival
  • Rapidly responding to hospital emergencies to secure the facility

Each day, these officers perform patrol duties, gather information, and report safety or security hazards. They also respond to emergency situations using only necessary force.

What Does a Hospital Security Guard Do?

Why Have a Hospital Security Guard at Your Facility?

Hiring a security guard is an important way to show others that you have security on staff and that your facility is protected. Having a security guard presence reduces the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and violence in this important workplace. With such a steady stream of visitors to your facility, it is important that there are guards available to monitor interactions and to be sure that your facility stays as safe as possible for everyone inside.

At American Frontline Guards, we offer services that provide the protection your facility needs. Our staff is trained and licensed through the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. You can hire a healthcare security officer from us at any time, 24/7.