Hotel Security

American Frontline Guards

Prioritize The Safety Of Your Hotel Guests

Travel hospitality is one of the leading industries in California. Every day, hundreds of thousands of travelers flock to the state for both business and pleasure. If you own a California hotel, you know how important it is to guarantee that your guests have a safe experience.

American Frontline Guards can provide you with the expert protection you need to guarantee your guests that safety. Here are some of the different ways our services will protect your hotel.


Guard Entryways And Exits

Out of all varieties of properties, hotels are uniquely vulnerable to security breaches because they experience such a high volume of entering and exiting persons each day. With such high entryway and exit traffic, it can be all-too-easy for opportunistic criminals to sneak into your hotel if these points of vulnerability are not properly monitored. Tough, thorough hotel door security is essential to maintaining the safety of your establishment as a whole.

American Frontline Guards’ team of security experts will evaluate your hotel property to determine which points of entry are most vulnerable and require the highest security. Then, we will work with you to provide client based, customized security that guarantees protection at every potential point of breach. Contact us to book your evaluation today.

Prevent Theft

The American Hotel and Lodging Association estimates that, each year, U.S. hotels suffer $100 million dollars lost to theft damages. That’s a massive amount of lost assets. As our current uncertain times have caused the hospitality industry to take a hit, California hotel owners can’t afford to take risks when it comes to theft. That’s why you need the top-tier hotel security that American Frontline Guards provides.

The presence of our team members in your hotel is sure to be a deterrent of theft and other property crime. The presence of our California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services licensed hotel security guards will send a clear message to any potential would be thieves, causing potential criminals to think twice before causing damage to your hotel’s property.

American Frontline Guards

Ensure Guests’ Peace Of Mind

No one wants to feel unsafe while traveling. Your guests arrive on your property in an unfamiliar environment, often stressed out from a long day of traveling and unsure of what will await them. That’s why it’s important to make a good first impression as soon as they walk through your doors. The presence of a hotel security guard reassures guests that you take their safety seriously.

When your guests feel safe at your hotel, it improves the overall experience of their stay. And when your guests have an experience they love, they will make that clear in the ratings and reviews that they leave your hotel. To stand out competitively in California’s travel hospitality industry, a focus on safety is key.

American Frontline Guards’ team of expert security professionals will guarantee maximum 24/7 security for your hotel. To see what a difference our client-centric comprehensive approach can make, schedule an evaluation of your property today.