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Maximize Protection With Apartment Complex Security

In California’s competitive real-estate market, it pays to have a protected property. If you own an apartment complex in the Greater Los Angeles area, you need to ensure that your property is thoroughly protected from the damages of criminal activity.

American Frontline Guards wants you to know these three ways that apartment complex security can protect you, your tenants, and your property’s reputation.

Protect Yourself:

Apartment complex security will keep you out of legal trouble.

According to California Civil Code Law 1714, protecting tenants from foreseeable crime is part of a landlord’s duty. This means that if preventable violent crime or property crime befalls any of your tenants while they live on your property, you could be held liable if the court finds you failed to take sufficient security action to prevent such crimes.

To avoid legal liabilities, a comprehensive security plan is essential. That’s where American Frontline Guards can help. To provide comprehensive security to your property, you’ll need more than just an apartment security guard. You’ll need a detailed understanding of your property’s crime vulnerabilities, and a specialized plan to defend these vulnerabilities. Book an evaluation, and we will use the expert training of California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to provide you with a customized security plan that covers all possible risks.

Protect Your Community:

Let your tenants know that you care about their safety.

We know that as a landlord, you care about the tenants who depend on your property. We know that you want to them to feel a sense of safe, secure community to come home to.

A security guard for your apartment complex lets tenants know that their safety is being prioritized. Unlike a robotic, impersonal system of electronic surveillance and alarms, security guards provide your tenants with friendly, human faces within their own community that they know they can turn to for protection. When you invest in apartment security, you create a community of protection. American Frontline Guards wants to be a part of that community.

Protect Your Reputation:

People want to know they can count on your security.

If you work in California apartment real estate, you know that the market is competitive. In today’s digital world, tenants can share opinions of properties with the click of a button, creating ratings and rankings of apartments that anyone can access at any time. To rise to the top of these rankings, you want your property to stand out from the rest. One way you can do this is by guaranteeing safety.

The last thing you want is for your apartment complex to get a reputation as a dangerous place to live. When tenants rate your apartment as unsafe, it can create a digital record of a reputation that will be very difficult to reverse. That’s why you need to protect your reputation by investing in apartment complex security. With American Frontline Guards’ expert level security services, you will be able to boast a reputation of specialized security that will set your property apart.

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for you, your property, and your tenants