San Bernardino Fire Accident !!

A massive three-alarm pallet yard fire in San Bernardino has awakened the fire security in the area. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon near central avenue and Sierra way. The fire did spread to several commercial facilities nearby. Firefighters and authorities reached the venue in no time and were able to put it off. The accident has caused loads of pallets to burn to ashes. Accidents can happen anywhere. What matters most is the action plans in place to reduce their impact. The fire has destroyed Five buildings as per the authorities. There are no casualties or injuries reported. The cause of the fire is unknown yet and is under investigation. 

Fire is a dangerous element in itself. In addition, the surrounding things can trigger the worst outcome. Fuel, Gas, Wood, and Clothes are some of the fast fire-spreading elements present in every household. The sparkle of fire can result in tragic fire accidents. 

Firstly, what was the cause of the incident, and were there no contingency measures? If yes, was it not adequate that the fire had to spread and cause damage to 5 buildings? Fire accidents are real scary. People panic and may not be in a position to act during such accidents. You can avail immense benefits by engaging the San Bernardino security guard company for your Residential and Commercial buildings. Our prime focus is to secure and protect you and your belongings from internal and external threats. 

Security guard companies in Riverside are efficient and quick in their action. Our call of duty demands us to display high alertness from all aspects. We have well-trained, brave, and skilled guards to act and combat the impacts during such disasters. Our equipped guards have field experience in deploying required equipment such as fire extinguishers, Fire alarm systems, Smoke detectors, heat detectors, and so on. 

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