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Transportation security is important for protecting the national interests of the country. With transportation security, people and property can be kept safe during transport. At American Frontline Guards, our trained security guards for transportation serve areas such as Orange County, Los Angeles County and other areas in California.

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What Does a Transportation Security Officer Do?

A transportation security officer is responsible for making sure that means of public transportation are secure. This can include checking cargo and screening passengers before entering a premises. Transportation security officers are there to prohibit dangerous items from coming into a facility, may be used to manage checkpoints and will respond to calls or signs of trouble.

One well-known example of transportation security is the TSA at your local airport. These officers are on the frontline when it comes to protecting the nation’s transportation systems.

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What Skills Do Transportation Security Officers Have?

Transportation security officers are typically able to:
  • Perform search and seizure of FAA contraband, such as drugs
  • Operate airport security screening equipment
  • Understand and be able to use CCTV, magnetic detectors & video records
  • Gather information for agency reports like PMIS, currency logs, training logs and equipment maintenance
  • Update, terminate or initiate security clearance when using JPAS
  • Receive CPR and AED certification
  • Act as central dispatchers to monitor a campus CCTV system
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What Does a Transportation Security Officer Do?

Transportation security officers have to make quick decisions that are effective and in the client’s best interests. They are required to keep their supervisors updated on any situations that may need additional attention and are required to maintain focus in both routine and crisis situations.

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