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Ensure Your Property Is Protected With Vehicle Patrol

From venue-owners to property managers, entrepreneurs across California know that maintaining consistent security is a constant challenge. If you are a business owner struggling to prevent property crime in the Greater Los Angeles County area, it’s time to consider vehicle patrol security to protect what’s yours. We at American Frontline Guards want you to know these three reasons why vehicle patrol could be the security solution you’re searching for.

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Comprehensive Coverage For
Large Sites

If you own a large property like an apartment complex or an event venue, then you probably need more security coverage than foot-patrol alone can offer. A vehicle patrol security guard can cover large distances quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing that no part of your property ever goes under-protected.

When security emergencies arise, your site needs protection fast. Vehicle patrol ensures that in an emergency situation, guards can quickly get from one part of the property to another to address any potential threat. American Frontline Guards bring the tough, specialized training of California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to our vehicle patrol clients, ensuring rapid, professional response to any security need.

Communicate A Message Of Protection

When criminals want to steal or damage property, they look for places that seem under-protected. Because of this, properties without a clear security presence in place are more susceptible to both security crime and property crime.

That’s why vehicle patrol is one of the best ways to stop crime on your property before it ever happens. When would-be criminals can see the presence of authorized vans, they know they’re being watched- and they’ll think twice about breaking the law.

With a constant patrol of security vehicles, you communicate that you care about protecting your property from crime. This is especially important for event venues or residential areas. You want your customers, tenants, and clients to feel safe. The presence of am American Frontline Guards vehicle patrol on your property lets your guests know that you are looking out for their protection.

American Frontline Guards

Track Security In Real-Time

Modern digital technology is revolutionizing the security industry. Are you maximizing technology’s potential to defend your assets? Another crucial benefit of vehicle patrol is that  real-time GPS tracking lets you know where your security guards are at all times. This gives you peace-of-mind, and allows you to keep up with potential disturbances to security as situations occur.

American Frontline Guards provides real-time tracking for all of our vehicle patrol services. If you want to guarantee total transparency between yourself and your security service, this is a great option. 

Vehicle Patrol Security

Want to invest in vehicle patrol security guards, but don’t know where to start? That’s where American Frontline Guards is here to help. Our team of CBSIS trained professionals will evaluate your property to target potential vulnerabilities, determining exactly the level of vehicle patrol security that’s right for you. Book an evaluation today, and guarantee protection for your California property.