What Are The Ways You Can Improve The Security Of Parking Spaces

Parking areas, especially if they are deserted, can be places where people can be threatened physically and theft can also take place when they are entering, or exiting their vehicles. There can also be incidence where vehicle windows can be broken and items are stolen. To keep the parking areas safe for your business or residence in Riverside, you need to hire a security guard company in Riverside. Some things that security guards do to keep the parking area safe are:


Control Entry Points

Security guards can control the entry and exit points of the parking lot. They will keep track of vehicles entering and note down their registration numbers. They can also keep a lookout for troublemakers and prevent them from harming people and also damaging vehicles. Seeing the presence of guards at the entrance prevents people from committing crimes in the parking area. 

Improved Security Surveillance

Many parking lots still use antiquated and out-of-date security systems that are no longer adequate. Upgrading your security systems to a more contemporary version will significantly reduce crime. There are also state-of-the-art cameras that can recognize drivers in your system and warn security if any unauthorized individual is on the premises. Security guards will watch the camera systems round the clock to keep things under control.

Installation Of Phones

With the installation of phones in different parts of the premises, people have a direct line to the security staff if they have any issues including simple parking-related problems or threats. Panic buttons can be installed too, where a person can press the button and security can be alerted to a threat scenario. Panic buttons will cause a loud alarm to ring and will deter the criminal from doing anything harmful. Not just for threats, these tools like the panic button and phones can be used for any medical emergency or accident too.

Improve Lighting

The parking area needs to be bright and the areas like pedestrian walkways need to be even more well lit. Stairways, elevators, and areas outside the perimeter of the parking area need to be well lit. Use overlighting entrances so that the separation between a dark parking space and daylight is not too much causing the driver temporary blindness. 

Experienced security guard companies in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County, like American Frontline Guards, are well equipped to deal with the day-to-day activities of a parking space. The guards are highly trained and work with state-of-the-art security systems to prevent unauthorized access. We have years of experience in keeping business and residential parking areas safe and secure. Give us a call today.