Choosing the Right Security for Your California Hospital

Secure your California hospital! Learn about armed vs. unarmed guards, & finding the right security solution for your needs.

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May 29, 2024
Secure your California hospital! Learn about armed vs. unarmed guards, & finding the right security solution for your needs.

Choosing the Right Security for Your California Hospital: A Guide from American Frontline Guards

In any healthcare establishment, patient, staff, and property safety come first. However, selecting the best security solution can be challenging due to the unique issues that hospitals face. American Frontline Guards, a leading provider of hospital security services in California, is here to help.

This blog entry will guide you through the vital considerations for securing your California hospital, exploring the options of armed vs. unarmed security guards, alarm response services, and how to find the ideal fit for your needs.

Understanding Your Hospital's Security Needs

Finding your unique security vulnerabilities is the first step. Consider the following important questions for yourself:
  • What areas require the most protection? Trauma centers, pharmacies, and behavioral health units may need an increased security presence.
  • What threats are most concerning? Are you stressed over fierce incidents, theft of medication or gear, or trespassers?
  • Do you need 24/7 security coverage? 

Armed Security Guards: Armed security guards provide a strong deterrent against wrongdoing in hospitals. They are trained in both firearm use and de-escalation tactics, allowing them to respond to a wide range of threats successfully. In any case, strict regulations oversee armed guards in California, and their presence may create a less welcoming atmosphere. Carefully gauge the security benefits against these considerations while assuming that armed guards are the right fit for your hospital.

  • Benefits:
    • Provide a visible deterrent against wrongdoing.
    • May be necessary for high-risk situations.
    • Can be trained in firearms use and de-escalation tactics.
  • Considerations:
    • Strict regulations govern armed security in California.
    • May create a less welcoming atmosphere for patients and visitors.

Unarmed Security Guards: Unarmed security guards offer a professional and approachable presence in California hospitals. Their expertise lies in de-escalation and compromise, ensuring a calm climate for patients and visitors. While they manage access control and patrol grounds, they may not be suitable for all situations. For those scenarios, consider having a back-up plan in place to address potential fierce incidents.

  • Benefits:
    • Offer a professional and approachable presence.
    • Skilled in de-escalation techniques and compromise.
    • Can manage access control and patrol hospital grounds.
  • Considerations:
    • May not be suitable for all situations.
    • Back-up plans should be established for potential brutal incidents.

The Right Security Partner for Your California Hospital

American Frontline Guards offers a comprehensive range of security solutions for California hospitals, including:

  • Highly trained and certified security guards: Both armed and unarmed options are available.
  • De-escalation training: focused on compromise and patient safety.
  • Customizable security plans: tailored to your hospital's extraordinary needs.
  • 24/7 support: dedicated team is available to address your security concerns.


Choosing the right security solution for your California hospital requires careful consideration. By understanding your specific needs and exploring options like armed vs. unarmed guards, you can create a safe and secure climate for everybody. American Frontline Guards is focused on partnering with California hospitals to provide the highest degree of security and peace of mind.

Contact American Frontline Guards today for a free consultation at  +1 (818) 299-0339 and let us help you create a customized security plan for your hospital.

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