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Welcome to American Frontline Guards - your trusted security partner

At American Frontline Guards, we understand the unique security needs of California offices Our dedicated team is committed to providing high-quality security services tailored to the specific requirements of commercial offices. With years of experience and a focus on excellence, we are your go-to solution for professional street safety in California.

Commercial Business Park Security Guards in Los Angeles

Raise your workplace security with American Frontline Guards. Our dedicated services provide vigilant guards, strict access controls, up-to-date monitoring and compliant security audits. With experienced personnel, 24/7 availability and a guarantee of safety, American Frontline Guards remains your trusted security partner. Use our expertise to secure your office in Los Angeles and ensure a safe environment on your property.

Our professional park security agencies

  1. Comprehensive Security Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of security services designed to protect your workplace, creating a safe environment for tenants, employees and guests.

  1. Professional Security Guards

Our highly trained and professional security guards are equipped to tackle a variety of security challenges, making potential threats a preventable event.

  1. Customized security system

Every workplace is unique and has unique security requirements. We create a customized security plan based on the specific requirements of your business.

  1. 24/7 Monitoring and Patrols

Safety is a priority 24/7. Our team conducts regular patrols and maintains vigilance to prevent unauthorized entry and ensure a safe environment.

  1. Access Control Management

We use advanced access control systems to control entry and exit points, increasing the overall security of your facility.

  1. Emergency Response Planning

Preparation is a key factor. Our team develops and implements effective emergency response plans to quickly address unexpected situations.

Why choose an American front guard?

  • Experience: With years of experience in the security industry, we bring expertise and confidence to every job.
  • Licensed and insured: Relax knowing that our security offices are fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind.
  • Customer-centric approach: We prioritize your security needs and work closely with you to develop solutions that align with your business external needs.

Contact us for more information

To learn more about our workplace security services in California or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us:

Telephone: +1 (818) 299-0339

Our team at American Frontline Guards is eager to be your trusted security partner, ensuring the safety and security of your workplace.

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Great companies choose af guards security.

call now: +1 (818) 299-0339
Great Service!!! Professional!!! Punctual!!! Good Thing we hired them for our event saved us a fortune from other Security Company offers.
- Winnetka Medical