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American Frontline Guards provides professional event security guards who are experienced in handling any type of event.

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At American Frontline Guards, we pride ourselves on offering reliable and convenient event security guards services for major entertainment concerts, VIP events, private events, etc., and strive for the highest level of planning. We deliver bespoke security solutions for different events, having successfully accomplished that for various companies and individuals around Los Angeles.

We offer every client a customized plan based on their event needs. Every event comes with unique needs, such as crowd control, static guards, mobile patrols, among others. When searching for a security company, we understand that you’re looking for one with the best total package, and that’s what we offer.

Regulation of Entry and Exit

Whenever you hold an event, there’s a need to regulate visitors attending your function. Based on your access control, our event security guard will check whether your rules are being followed. Additionally, we will confirm the authenticity of the purchased ticket and ensure attendees don’t have drugs or weapons.

American Frontline Guards

Better Surveillance

Our event security guards strategically position themselves and keep an eye on different sites at your event and intervene in case of any issues. If anyone causes a disturbance, our guards will warn or remove them from your event. Thanks to our proper surveillance, we can detect problems on time and take preventative measures.

Types of Events and How our Security guards Are Helpful

Here’s an outline of different events and how our event security personnel might be helpful for your event.

Concert Security

If you’re planning to hold a concert, our event security guards team will work closely with your event promoters and venue management to cover different aspects of your event. We aim to ensure that your event runs smoothly with minimal issues by offering services from crowd management to traffic control. Concerts can sometimes be physically taxing due to conditions like crowding, extreme weather and so on. Our team of security professionals are certified and regularly undergo training in First Aid and AED/CPR, hence they will be of help to the attendants in case of emergencies.

Expo, Trade Show and Wine Festival

At American Frontline Guards, we know that most trade shows and exhibitions, especially those that feature expensive items like jewelry, can be a target of theft. However, the presence of our security personnel can act as a deterrent to potential thieves. Remember that if your event goes ahead and a major theft happens, it’s likely to taint the reputation of your organizer.  Whenever you need security services for your expo, you can trust our team to handle different aspects of your event, including private transportation, ushers, gate attendants, etc.

Are you looking for event security guards in Los Angeles? Contact our support team at +18182990339 or book an appointment to plan on security details that will ensure the overall success of your event.

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