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AF Guards is a campus security guard company that offers a cost-effective solution for your campus security needs.

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Hire A Campus security guard

In this day & age, it is not always easy to find the perfect campus security guards for schools or university security but this is why American Frontline Guards is here to help. Our services known to be reliable & top notch, we will provide you with the perfect school or university security guards and officers to promote a safety environment for the school or university and it’s students. School violence and shooting have been happening in elementary, middle school, high school and college & universities. Our officers can be armed or unarmed.

Whether it is a school or university event or gathering, schools and university need protection with security car patrols, CCTV or Armed watch guards to name a few, we will find the right person to help enforce school security.

School or university Security Guard vs School safety officer

They both are essentially the same thing but with some differences. A security officer tends to be more specialized in something specific. A school safety officer focuses on the safety of school students and pupils and surrounding environment. With a security guard, you can get someone that is armed and available 24/7 around the clock. Both provide security services depending on what level the school or university needs. We also offer vehicle patrols and monitoring for after schools or university functions.

We make it our mission to see to it that every school and university has the security that is right for them & we offer the best pricing in the state so you know you are getting the best deal there is.

As we continue to expand, we want to make sure all of the schools and university out there are protected which is why we offer one of the most affordable rates.

With the support of the state, we are confident we can bring your goals to fruition & help to keep the state that much safer. If you use our services, you can be sure the guards will be punctual, highly professional & ready to meet any challenge that may come up during the day. These guards are so dedicated that they would sooner lay down their lives for the students at your school or university than let anything bad happen to them or the teachers. To learn more about campus security guard, you can go to our website at or you can call us at 818-299-0339. We look forward to hearing from you rather soon.

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